Yahşibey Design Workshop

September 2, 2010

So this is where I’ve been for a week. I attended the 25th Yahşibey Design Workshop as one of the selected graphic designers. Yay! It was totally awesome.
We were given a brief to examine the invisible layers of Yahşibey village. You can see what we have produced here. Be sure to check out my hybrid solutions project 😉

Here are some photos that I’ve taken there with a disposable camera which was loaded a film that has expired on 2006. Don’t get us wrong though, these are just brief moments we spent by the pool. The rest was all blood, sweat and tears believe me! 🙂 It was so worth it.

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Territorial Self Portrait

October 28, 2009

Some ideas that I’ve come up with and photographed for the territorial self portrait project assigned by my photography class. Hope you like them!






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Fresh Fresh Fresh!

July 12, 2009

Hello people. I know I couldn’t update my blog for a while but guess what? At first I was just trying to adjust to “normal life” after weeks and weeks of dorm life at school dealing with loads of projects under real survival-of-the-fittest type of conditions. I had only one week to adjust my eating-sleeping settings and off i went to United Kingdom. 🙂 The memories of the one week I spent in London will keep me going for a loong time. I better upload some photos here to fill in the blanks. My pleasure.

i woke up today in London

female taxi driver
female taxi driver

beautiful window decoration

London sings the blues

sis’ wars
sis wars

where do the ducks go?

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May 10, 2009

This post will not be about graphic design or about design in general.

It is about a situation -or to put it better- “a state of mind” that we are extremely frustrated of. That state of mind which has created a notion of “restriction of the internet” -something we had not heard of before- someone controlling and deciding which sites we can access and which we can’t.

I shall post the manifesto of this movement tomorrow. Have a glimpse at the video below for the time being.

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