August 2, 2009

About iartistlondon

IARTISTLONDON is the cool new brand that enables you to make real contemporary pieces of art from the comfort of your home. All those pieces that you always wanted to have but couldn´t afford. We believe art should be for everyone. Our boxes contain all the necessary elements so you only have to concentrate on creating. In no time you will have a masterpiece created by yourself. It couldn’t be easier!
IARTISTLONDON presents the world’s first affordable DIY high art sets.

Free the artist within you.

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Damien Hirst – Love of God

“For the Love of God is an amazing piece by Damien Hirst that consists of a platinum cast of a human skull encrusted with 8.601 diamonds including a massive pear- shaped one on the forehead. It cost 14 million pounds to produce. This is the ultimate contemporary piece of art that everyone wants to display in their home.

Now, with IHIRST you will be able to create your very own replica. We have included a real size plastic skull and and all the crystals you need to create your copy (Yes! Each one of the 8.601 crystals at an incredible price!). Even the glue and the tweezers are included; patience is the only thing you need. It´s a challenge!! You can even customize your design by adding crystals with different colours if you prefer. Choose your tools. With IHIRST you can create an entirely new design or stick to the original one. Enjoy a piece of art that´s as entirely individual as you are yourself.”

Marc Quinn – Self

“Marc Quinn´s Self (1991) is a sculpture made out of the artist´s own blood that had been collected over a year. It is a truly original piece of art. With IQUINN you will get the directions to make your own sculpture using your own blood and a cast of your head (our your loved ones’!!!*) No other work of art can be more personal than this one. This is the work that the National Portrait Gallery is fighting to acquire. The original one is worth more than a million pounds but why pay for it when you can use your own blood for free?”

Tracy Emin – Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995

“Tracy Emin´s Everyone I have Ever slept with 1963-1995 (also known as the tent) is an unmissable piece of contemporary British art created in 1995. The work consists of a blue tent with the names of everyone the artist had slept with during that period of time, sewed in colourful fabrics. Emin has described the work as seminal, fantastic and amazing.

IEMIN is a complete package of all the elements to create your own cosy version. Just cut letters out from the colourful fabrics provided and sew them onto the blue tent. The original one got destroyed in the fire in 2004 so why are you waiting to recreate it? Be brave. Be brilliant Be yourself. It´s all about being creative with colour, textures and patterns. Textiles are easy to coordinate and change. Highly versatile. Go wild with fabrics.”

Rachel Whiteread – Pink Torso

“Pink Torso is a sculpture made using simply a hot water bottle and alginate created by Turner Prize winner Rachel Whiteread. This piece is a great example of her work about negative spaces. Now you can do it yourself: fill the empty space and create a new and interesting sculpture. It’s simple, it’s contemporary, it’s art and also our most affordable option. It’s been proved that kids love it. Give your children a steer in the right direction. IWHITEREAD is designed to stimulate their creativity and development and has been tested and approved to cope with the tough love of children. It’s completely safe for them so why not make ART a family experience? Be proud to display your kid´s work in your living room!! Grow your own Young British Artist!”

Banksy Graffiti


“IARTISTLONDON brings you the ultimate experience in street art. Now you can create your own Banksy graffiti for just £9.99 thanks to our IBANKSY boxes and machines located in the key areas of London*. Each box contains one spray can and a A4 stencil with one of the famous Banksy designs. Choose between one of our 6 designs and collect them all. The stencils are totally reusable. Don´t be satisfied with just a picture of his graffiti, make your own cool stuff.”


“IPHOTOGRAPHER is a new development in photographic equipment. Get personalised versions of master photographs in photographic paper using a traditional enlarger. No knowledge is required. Enjoy the real experience.

Make your own design. Send us the image of your choice, choose between our 3 levels of difficulty: amateur, photographer or master (the more difficult, the more layers, colours and detail); and you will get in your home a package containing the stencils and a diagram with the instructions. Simply put the stencils on top of the paper and choose the corresponding numbers and time in the enlarger.

It’s painting by numbers only in that you will be painting with light, like a true professional! Traditional photography made simple, made affordable. You are guaranteed to create a cool image to put on your wall and impress your friends. The stencils are totally reusable so you can explore, choose your colours and try the endless options. You can make something new and unexpected every time.

This is the perfect gift. Send us your favourite images. Our 3 different sizes are perfectly adapted to suit the standard paper sizes. At only £9.99 and free delivery this is the most affordable and innovative quality art product you can buy.”

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Fresh Fresh Fresh!

July 12, 2009

Hello people. I know I couldn’t update my blog for a while but guess what? At first I was just trying to adjust to “normal life” after weeks and weeks of dorm life at school dealing with loads of projects under real survival-of-the-fittest type of conditions. I had only one week to adjust my eating-sleeping settings and off i went to United Kingdom. 🙂 The memories of the one week I spent in London will keep me going for a loong time. I better upload some photos here to fill in the blanks. My pleasure.

i woke up today in London

female taxi driver
female taxi driver

beautiful window decoration

London sings the blues

sis’ wars
sis wars

where do the ducks go?

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