Pat Findros

October 9, 2011

Pat Findros is a personal illustration project of mine, which is named after the path finder tool in illustrator.

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For my graduation project, I chose to challenge myself by designing the corporate identity of an imaginary brand. Building the concept; defining the target audience; shaping the soul, the character and the appeal of the brand accordingly.

I was influenced by the various products which are sold in vending-machines in Japan. These machines are positioned in critical locations to aid the customers in their time of need. I was thrilled by the notions of self-service and user-friendliness; for they enabled us to eliminate the middle-man (the salesmen) and cross out any external factors (such as; the location and the design of the shop, the music playing withing the shop etc.) to smooth out any problems one might face at the purchase points.

I decided that the corporate identity of this brand should mimic fast-food culture in textile, provide an alternative to the existing system and communicate efficiency and practicality. The ultimate purposes of this shoe brand are; to make the customer feel comfortable wearing it to a club, easily hop on-off public transportation, change into them while driving the car, slip one on and go shopping, secure their feet with comfort on long distance traveling and provide an alternative to the shoe that you left the house with in the morning.

After building the concept and defining the target audience, I focused upon other aspects of my project. The vending machine was going to contain 6 different shoe sizes (for both men & women) with 7 different colors for each shoe size. The shoes had to be folded in half in order to fit into the package and into the rows of the vending machine. Therefore the shoes had to be designed in a way that enables it to be folded in half. With this in mind, I decided to name my brand Pabucuyarım; for ‘yarım’ means ‘half’ in Turkish and the name itself is mentioned playfully in a Turkish riddle for children.

Below, you can view the step-by-step evolution of the design process.

You can view the finalized version on Behance.


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Rubens LP

June 12, 2010


The talented brazilian RubensLP, updated his portfolio with tons of new work. One of true representatives of the brazilian illustration traditions — fresh colors, freeform lines.


i am tempted by these posters. perhaps i’ll spend summer watching these. : ) also, i want the poster of THE BLOB!

The Blob

The Kindred

Fright Night

Death Race 2000

The Thing

Forbidden Planet


Planet of the Vampires

Day of the Dead

The Island of Dr. Moreau

Road Games




The Alpha Incident

Up From the Depths


The Changeling

Invaders From Mars

Plan 9 From Outer Space



Destination Inner Space

Garden of the Dead


The Shape of Things to Come

The Day It Came to Earth

Burial Ground




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Josh Kenyon

January 16, 2010

his portfolio is amazing. i loved the way he has developed his own patterns and all his designs have a certain consistency.

visit his site!

His Illustrations

His Print Work

His Art Work

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Always With Honor

January 5, 2010

Visit their site to have a look at their lovely illustrations.

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Kristina Collantes

January 3, 2010

Visit her site.
and visit her other site.

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Olaf Hajek Illustrations

January 2, 2010

Visit the site to see more.

natureman 2




natureman, illustrative 2008 z?rich

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Le Chien et Moi

December 24, 2009

“When have you ever been able to actually physically pick up, hold and flick through a website…

A website with weight..

We were recently presented with the task of communicating the look and feel of the beautiful Le Chien Et Moi, “an emporium of a diverse collection of unusual and beautiful things, old and new, with a touch of nostalgia”. Housed in an elegant listed building, complete with antique fixtures and fittings and a resident Basset hound” this would be no easy task and would require more than the average website. The owners both hark from the hallowed halls of Paul Smith.

The tactile nature of the shop lead us to the idea of creating an actual book which would be photographed and transformed from a piece of printwork into interactive design (in this case a Victorian scrapbook to suit the shop) that could be flicked through and browsed to show the contents of the shop and its story. The book features hand written type and professional photography (from the award winning Scene Photography), illustration, a crafted downloadable map, video and a engraved laser cut cover. Everything is considered and complements the style and feel of the shop.

In terms of website functionality the site is easy and enjoyable to navigate (we all have intrinsic knowledge of how to browse a book!). So don’t just read this, go to the actual website ( and have a flick through, better yet visit the shop (and Mulberry the Hound!) ask nicely and they may let you handle the real version of the website..the book itself!”

via CR

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Great Illustrations by Eva Caramelli alias Lutheen, an Illustrator from France.

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