I’m really impressed by these works of this Australian sculptor.
Have a look at his site if you’re interested.

dietrich wegner sculpture playhouse 2

dietrich wegner sculpture playhouse

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Brilliant Mug

March 12, 2009

Colour Matching Guide

Stumbling along with a cup of morning coffee is a great pleasure yet what is better is to come across something like this, to fix the perfect coffee for me. I came across this brilliant mug design in a site called http://ffffound.com and I want one for myself A.S.A.P!

I couldn’t really get how the site opperates, however I continuously clicked on some thumbnails according to my interest and as I sank deeper and deeper into this network I downloaded several works. I couldn’t re-find them since the site is complicated, and that is sadly why I can’t give any credits to the artist. Surely I’ll be using ffffound.com as an inspirational site from now on along with others.

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