Will & Jamie’s

January 12, 2010

Cool corporate design for Will and Jamie’s by Designers Anonymous.

Will & Jamie’s

Project: Brand identity
Deliverables: Logotype, packaging, stationery, advertising, website

Describing the partnership of two dairy farmers, who produce their own fresh yoghurt drinks in Pembrokeshire, Wales.


Will Prichard and Jamie Adams conducted market research to see how people reacted to their product.

The overwhelming feedback from consumers was that they loved the story of the two dairy farmers behind the delicious yoghurt drink. From this research we created a number of names including, quite simply ‘Will & Jamie’s’, this became the chosen brand name.

Cow icon

With the name in mind, we created a pantomime cow to establish the nature of their product and
Will & Jamie’s partnership.


We created this version was created for use on the packaging for Will & Jamie’s Fresh Yoghurt Drinks.

Lettering detail

The lettering was hand re-drawn to fit the curved edges of the roundel. The droplet and udder colours related to the flavour of the drink. Seasonal Fruits (pink colour featured) became the hero colour for the main logo.


The colour palatte on the packaging was kept deliberately simple to keep production costs to a minimum. The black roundel plus a simple colour code for the flavour variant, which is featured in the pantomime cows udder.

Packaging detail

On the back of the bottle Will & Jamie are out of costume, there is also a short story of the products origin.


To add provenance to the brand, we commissioned propmakers to make a bespoke pantomime cow costume. A photoshoot was organised at their farms in Pembrokeshire, and the farmers were shot in different positions and situations to express a variety of messages. E.g. The cow curtsie’s for the complement slip.

Pantomime costume

We worked closely with an experienced prop-maker to create the costume from a series of sketches of the logo from different angles. It took 2 weeks to complete. Unlike Will & Jamie, we were a bit too tall for the costume, so we looked more like a panto horse!


A series of ads featuring the cow.


We have film footage and a series of photographic stills of the cow running towards the gate to greet you when you visit this website (This will be added to the homepage in the near future).

To see the website, visit willandjamies.co.uk

Will & Jamie taking a break.

Van livery

The cow icon was re-drawn to make it appear shivering against the chiller delivery van.


Promotional umbrella give-aways featured the cow icon laying down looking ominously at the sky… Cows always seem know when it’s about to rain!

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Cool brand identity for Creative Thread by Designers Anonymous.

Project: Corporate Identity
Deliverables: Logotype, stationery, marketing materials

Combining creativity with traditional methods, for a costume, prop & interior decor company.


Based on a classic cotton bobbin, but with a little piece of ‘creative’ pink thread. The pink thread is used to illustrate different messages across brand applications.

Business card

The business card featured the cotton-bobbin, the pink thread spelled out a simple greeting.

Launch party invite

Where possible the Creative Thread cotton bobbin replaced a circular element within the illustration, on this occasion it was a cherry on a cake (literally).

Carrier bag

The thread is printed on the bag, giving the illusion that the handle is made from the same piece of thread.

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