Pat Findros

October 9, 2011

Pat Findros is a personal illustration project of mine, which is named after the path finder tool in illustrator.

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Yahşibey Design Workshop

September 2, 2010

So this is where I’ve been for a week. I attended the 25th Yahşibey Design Workshop as one of the selected graphic designers. Yay! It was totally awesome.
We were given a brief to examine the invisible layers of Yahşibey village. You can see what we have produced here. Be sure to check out my hybrid solutions project 😉

Here are some photos that I’ve taken there with a disposable camera which was loaded a film that has expired on 2006. Don’t get us wrong though, these are just brief moments we spent by the pool. The rest was all blood, sweat and tears believe me! 🙂 It was so worth it.

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My DIY Pinhole Camera

August 13, 2010

Some photos that I’ve taken with my DIY Pinhole Camera, I really enjoy this dreamy soft focus effect. Visit my flickr to view more.





Holga Photoshoot

July 19, 2010

Here are some shots from the two rolls of 120mm Kodak film that I have shot with my new Holga camera.

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March 24, 2010

some photos i’ve taken last weekend at our peaceful summerhouse.

i don’t really care if it’s christmas or the new year’s eve. what’s in a name, right?
just in case if you want to get me something, i’m posting a list of the things that i’d like to get.

‘cos we are living in a material world and i am a material girl!

A Huge Wacom Tablet

An iphone

Artline Pens

Canson Sketchbook

Lazy Butik





sb zenv al si


zenh sp

Canon 5D Mark ii

ipod nano 16gb

ilford photo paper

Calligraphy Set

Stamp Set


Seagull Medium Format

Polaroid Camera

Flickr Pro Account Subscription