Hüseyin Yılmaz

June 7, 2010

here are some photos that remind me of the summer spirit.

“Hüseyin was born in Berlin, is from Samsun/Bafra and is currently 23 years old. He went to school and grew up in Berlin, and then studied 3 years of Architecture. However, realising that Architecture wasn’t for him, he went down the career path of being a Graphic Designer, having been spending a great deal of time in his room on Photoshop. 3 years later he took his career in his hands and started work in the firm which he ended up learning from. He works in a large software producing company, his main job being a packaging designer. Other than that, he does practically anything you can think of related to graphics. He also does some 3D work which he really enjoys. As for taking photographs – he likes doing that in his spare time, even though he had no interest for this a couple of years ago. It just suddenly came to him and now it’s something he loves doing. So that’s how the photos you see here came to life. For Hüseyin, these photos are valuable – his aim is to show people things that are important to him, through his own eyes and through his own perspective. He hopes to achieve this with this series…”















original source: http://www.imfinethankyou.de/ & http://www.bananemag.com/


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