The Random Camera Project

March 15, 2010

i would like to participate in this project. very very much.

“Droplets of rain on the window. Someone laughing. A busy traffic junction. Inspiration can come from anywhere and with Getty Images’ The Random Camera Project, conceptualized by Ogilvy RedCard Singapore, inspiration can be had through someone else’ eyes. Getty Images has, in recent years, expanded its product offering, to provide audio and video footage. Its brief to Ogilvy Redcard was to create a piece of direct mail that would highlight its wide product offering in a lively and interactive way. With 300 branded disposable cameras, Getty Images spread the word about the project and availability was on a first come, first served basis. Within two weeks, all the cameras were given out to the target audience of creative professionals in the media industry in three markets: Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. The challenge to the target audience was to take pictures of anything and everything with the cameras before returning them to Getty Images who then processed the photos and in return, sent them someone else’s set of pictures. At the same time, all images were uploaded onto a website for public sharing and viewing, which is now live.”


One Response to “The Random Camera Project”

  1. sheilaparas said

    I think I live in the wrong country. 🙂 This sounds great!

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