Hu2 Wall Stickers

January 12, 2010

Visit their site!


Cable Organisator

Mickey House

Skyline London B

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2 Responses to “Hu2 Wall Stickers”

  1. hello dusty. you have been missed! it got lonely around here. but i assume somebody’s reading and you leaving a comment every now and then keeps me going on with my posts.

    i’ve got news for you, i’ve been reading too. one post at a time. about dusty who. it’s a shame that my project deadlines are keeping me from getting to know you better. but i’m getting to it.

    thank you for your kindness and such beautiful comment as always.

  2. dusty said

    My beloved Kin! Please forgive my absence! You, Here by far the most creative around with all your posts everyday and often several times a day always tickle my funny bone.
    (and the gorgeous pictures of the women that is you leave me yearning to “get to know you better”)

    I have been reading even though the comments mat have seemed to stopped. I’ll say that I don’t give you enough credit for staying so insightful and giving for you always have the perfect ideas when I feel like my brain is exhausted.

    Thank you

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