Benchmarks Award Winner 2009

January 3, 2010

very playful brand identity.  has put a smile on my face.

The Benchmarks Awards are designed to set a standard in the recognition of excellence in brand communications. All Benchmarks entrants are asked to demonstrate how their branding programmes or campaigns work across a variety of different communication platforms. While a single example of brilliance cannot win a Benchmark, a strong strategic concept, which can be shown to work effectively in a variety of areas, will be a lively contender within its category.

The 2009 Awards brought some interesting results, not least this category winner by The Partners.

Eagle Clean logo design

Eagle Clean is a small London cleaning company which needed an identity that would engage prospective clients such as offices, restaurants, bars and clubs in a particularly uninspiring sector.

Eagle Clean stationery design

Eagle Clean signage design

The Partners used Eagle Clean’s rubber gloves to develop a playful graphic device on signage and uniforms. The logo comes to life online as the gloves clean the screen, making it spotless to the viewer.

Eagle Clean website design
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