All I Want For Christmas Is You?

January 1, 2010

i don’t really care if it’s christmas or the new year’s eve. what’s in a name, right?
just in case if you want to get me something, i’m posting a list of the things that i’d like to get.

‘cos we are living in a material world and i am a material girl!

A Huge Wacom Tablet

An iphone

Artline Pens

Canson Sketchbook

Lazy Butik





sb zenv al si


zenh sp

Canon 5D Mark ii

ipod nano 16gb

ilford photo paper

Calligraphy Set

Stamp Set


Seagull Medium Format

Polaroid Camera

Flickr Pro Account Subscription



One Response to “All I Want For Christmas Is You?”

  1. dusty said

    i did my best with the info i had. after this long of literally going insane, i went with those who seemed willing to let me in.

    i remember everything that happened to me and everybody within earshot and eyesight. it a curse having a photographic memory. i am aware it will blow up in my face all along the way but what do i do? they don’t allow it any other way.

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