December 29, 2009

“The Institute for Infinitely Small Things, a 20+ person performance troupe based mostly in Boston, MA, USA, proposes to not release at least 38,575 kilograms of CO2 into the air by not traveling to the UN Climate Conference. The amount of energy we are saving in fuel could feed 150 people for a year or power 325 60w lightbulbs turned on continuously for a year. Not to mention that the Institute for Infinitely Small Things really likes to stay home and drink tea or beer (depending on which members you talk to). By current estimates, the majority of the world’s population is participating in this project at the moment. Please help us document this massive effort of local pleasure by contributing your photos to our Flickr stream.

What would you prefer to do in your locale?

Upload your photos to Flickr with the tag “notgoingtocopenhagen” and they’ll show up in thE slideshow.”

So, who’d like to not go to Copenhagen with me?

Check the website!

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