December 28, 2009


The more we use certain objects, the more they adapt to us. A shoe gets more comfortable with time. A leather chair slowly acquires the shape of its owner. A staircase shows how frequently and in which places it is stepped onto the most. Even the wooden neck of a guitar becomes easier to play after years of use.

But other things, such as tableware or pottery, don’t change like this. Although an emotional connection might grow with familiarity, their surface does not reflect this attachment, but rather the dints and scratches of history and abuse.

What do these objects would look like if they were able to modify its shape according to their owners’ habits?

This piece was developed thinking about the imperfections associated with small batch ceramic production, where very precise shapes are not easily attainable.”

Materials: ceramic
Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 10 cm
Design: Emiliano GODOY, 2007

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