Lost a Dog?

December 19, 2009

“Following the popularity of the Dogbook Facebook application, which has over two million users, Poolhouse has launched the (free) Dogbook iPhone application. Features of the app include photo uploads, list other Dogbook users who are near you and locates nearby dog parks no matter where you are in the world. Lost a dog? You can use the application’s “Arf Alert” to send a message to all Dogbook users within a 15-kilometre radius with a photo and your contact information. Found a dog? Call the happy owner right from your phone. Dogbook, the creation of father son team Geoffrey Roche (also the CCO of Lowe Roche, Toronto) and Alexandre Roche, was created in conjunction with Five Mobile.”

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One Response to “Lost a Dog?”

  1. mydog said

    I see your blog here. Please take a moment to visit our site: http://www.missmydog.com
    We are helping reunite owners and lost dogs. It would be great if you could place us on your links list and spread the word!!
    Please remember to support our sponsors by visiting their sites. They make it possible to host this free site. Thanks for making a difference!!!

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