Nude Outline

November 28, 2009

Awesome nude photographs taken by Simon Chaput in black&white.
Revealing %1 of the naked body and hiding the rest in pitch black is so sexy, don’t you think?

Visit his website.

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29 Responses to “Nude Outline”

  1. Tamber said

    There should have been some tits in it.

  2. Venk said

    1% though it is, 100% of the sensuality is accounted for.

  3. photo fan said

    simply artistic. these times, it’s really hard to be wowed by something because of photoshop and stuff, but this… is.. just beautiful. so serene but gives a very strong i am wowing. beautiful.

  4. ceyhankapusuz said

    like white ink strokes in black paper

  5. Sandeep said

    Stumbling from India !

    1% is more than enough 🙂

  6. joey said

    most probably they were soo engrossed, viewing ur naked photos that they had no time left to post a comment…:) Personally, ur photos soo artistic!

  7. Nolan Lind said

    I’m happy to contribute an extra view or two to this 😉 Well done on the pictures, it’s a refreshingly subtle take on a subject of photography so normally seen in a direct setting. I actually didn’t know what the pictures were of until reading the page title!

  8. Will said

    They probably didn’t know what to say!

  9. Pauly said

    OK, a comment. Nothing spectacular. Seen pretty much what you have created hundreds of times. Mostly pre-internet too. And therefore pre-digital. So its nothing new is it?

    Question, how do you figure the 1%? Or was that just made up to try and generate interest?

    • The photos in this post do not belong to me, they’re taken by Simon Chaput. You may be right about unoriginality, I wouldn’t know, I didn’t come across it pre-internet.

      1% was just a symbolic phrase, it was not my intention though it has generated interest.

      Thanks for your comment.

  10. Maybe it’s because you already said everything yourself?

    It’s very graphic. But just speaking for me I don’t find it very unique. Sort of pop-art, reduced contrast and a new view. Beautiful, but seen too often.


    • You may be right. I guess black and white aesthetic combined with nudity gets me every time. For what its worth I liked the idea because it succeeded in revealing a naked female body with -as if- a white ribbon of light.

  11. Kristen said

    It’s because everyone found it on stumbleupon, looked at it and left, just like I almost just did. But hey, this is really great. 1% of the naked human body is much sexier than 100% of it in full light.

    • You’re right that’s the case with stumbleupon, that’s what I do most of the time. But I was curious since it had been viewed thousands of times. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  12. Ed said

    I suppose its always silently appreciated.

  13. Seraph said

    Stumbled from Houghton, MI.

    Gorgeous. Simplistic, but beautiful.

  14. itsa me said

    I like it 🙂

  15. Rachael said

    i’ll leave a comment — the photos are beautiful

  16. MR. White said

    ok fine. i will leave a comment. this are interesting photos. i am no professional, and know nothing of photography, but the light reflecting off of the bodies reminds me of a sleek sports car almost. good lines on the model as well… oh and FIRST

  17. this post has been viewed 11,090 times since I posted it on November 28,2009. yet, none of those visitors left a comment. i mean, seriously? 🙂

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