fake fisheye tutorial

July 31, 2009

if you don’t have a fisheye camera or can’t afford a fisheye lens; i have good news now you can actually fisheye with photoshop. (p.s: i have cs3 version so i don’t know if this is possible in previous versions)

File>Open (Ctrl+O) the photograph you want to apply fisheye effect in photoshop.

Hold Shift and with Elliptical Marquee Tool select the area you wish to apply fisheye effect.

When you have made a selection with the elliptical marquee tool, next step is Select>Modify>Feather

Once the Feather Selection Menu appears type 15 to apply 15pixels of feather to your selection.

When you have applied 15pixels of feather to your selection, click Filter>Distort>Spherize.

For maximum fisheye effect set the amount to 100%

Once you have applied the spherize effect to your selection press Ctrl and C. You will have copied your selection. Then press Ctrl and N to open a fresh page. Then to paste your selection into the fresh page, press Ctrl and V. You will have this:

Then create a new layer and position it below the layer of your fisheye-d image.

Paint that layer (Layer 2) black with your Paint Bucket Tool. And there you go -you have your fisheye image!

I hope this was helpful to you. 🙂

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