MR.TRASH! (or Thomas Schostok)

July 26, 2009


About {ths} Mr. Trash

“Who took the ‘T’ into Trash? {ths}. Who is playing songs of Elvis in the background to get weird ideas. {ths} again. Who loves ‘Big ’Uns’, love, sex, rock & roll, girls, hot rod, dirtygraphy, Elvis songs from the ’70s, atom physics, Barry White, chocolate, wrestling, meat, viva Las Vegas, all things shaved, cocktails, horror B-Movies, German beer and rusty machinery halls? Our boy {ths}. Who call his style ‘Trash urban warfare porn dirt style pop’? Yes, {ths}. And who lives in a world of his own – a world in which you do not need a driving licence to drive a Mustang?

Well, that would be {ths} as well. Mr. Trash reproduces the extravagant work of Thomas Schostok {ths}. Raw, dirty, irreverent, uncensored, Mr. Trash spares no cliche, no absurdity in bringing you what the book’s publisher called “world’s strangest ejaculation of graphic design”. Not bound to the field of graphic design, the book represents the last 10 years of his work, blurring art and graphic design. Graphic design, typography, paintings, collage, Gluebooks – all his work in one book. Mr. Trash is an independent book, without the help of a publisher and without censorship. Hail to the King, Baby.”

About Thomas Schostok

The artist Thomas Schostok {ths}, works with graphic design, collage, typography, drawing and painting. His work, reflected by mass cultural boredom, psychological warfare and professional wrestling, his artworks reference both graphic arts and ultimate trash. He lives and works in Germany.

I link like a good girl.






Ok, i’ll add this one last photo just because i fell for its irrelevancy.


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