July 24, 2009

About Whyisbox
“Now, how did that all come about?”

Stopped from painting on street walls, no good at drawing bowls of stupid apples, bored of being ridiculed for drawing words and not pictures in art classes and continuously told “doodling will make you go blind” by the grown-ups; life on planet The kid Has Lots Of Artistic Potential was not looking too rosy for Whyisbox. Life in fact was looking so intolerable that it exchanged it’s inner sketch pad for an inner Stylophone® and hopped on the first ship to Waster Teenage Rave DJ, one of several dysfunctional moons.

Years on now and terribly poor, but socially awesome, Whyisbox moved back to planet The kid Has Lots Of Artistic Potential and, to its overwhelming joy, discovered people now liked to look at doodles and words and wall art! “All praise the Lord of the Internet & Global Social Networking” it cried and set off to build a new home there.

You may enjoy some of the works I’ve chosen for you from whyisbox.
To see more please visit the website.





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2 Responses to “WHYISBOX”

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  2. Thanks for posting some of my work! Don’t forget to check out my magazine too… http://newsugar.co.uk


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