Knitwear by Mandalinarossa

June 12, 2009


“Inspired mainly by childhood and organic forms,I create a world full of colors and textures.

Organic forms are a part of human nature, therefore we instinctively feel more comfortable and close to them. Using these rounded and fluid forms completes the human body.


The mixture of textures is an inseparable element of my designs. Having knowledge in hand-operated knitting machines gives me infinite possibilities of inventing new textures.
The designs are mostly instinctive,similar to my own life.


Knowing that living in a technologically dependent society creates a need for recycled,practical and sustainable clothing,the materials used are mostly natural or recycled.


As human-beings we are tactile creatures. Using different textures and colors, urge people to touch and feel what they are wearing. This idea goes back to the childhood where exploring is almost the basis of living. Growing up, we think we’ve had enough exploration, but it’s never-ending.”


To see more of her work please visit:


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