Will Henry Jenkins Hear About It?

May 18, 2009


Lanfranco Aceti
Istanbul, May 12, 2009

A socially networked artwork
Please do not spoil the game by telling Henry Jenkins

The game – We are throwing bottles in the sea with a message to Henry Jenkins as well as throwing a message in the sea of the information of social networks on Facebook to see if Henry Jenkins will stumble upon the event online first or will receive the message in a bottle. The object of the game is to see if and how he will find out about the project.

Rules of the game – To participate print, copy or download this text, place it in a bottle, on a message board, an announcement list or share it with your Facebook friends. Throw the message in the sea of information systems, and take screenshots or pictures and videos of the bottle in a real space – images can be of any phase – from when you print this message, to when you put it in the bottle or to when you throw the bottle in the river or in the sea of information systems, to when the bottle is traveling in the waters of digital comments. Lastly share the images and videos with me (Lanfranco Aceti) on Facebook. [Please do not throw bottles in the real sea and leave them there adding to the already existing pollution.] The contributions from the audience will become part of an art installation and new video work.

In the chaos of information that characterizes contemporary society, is social networking really making a change? Or does the dissemination and distribution of our lives through social networks add to the sea of information, therefore depriving us of the possibility of making any impact? Are the currents of the seas and the oceans better forms of distribution of information than the speedy currents of contemporary digital media?

The audio, video and photographic records of the game, together with digital artworks and documentation from similar events taking place in Istanbul, Manchester, Rome, London and other locations around the world will be posted on the Internet in order to compare the ‘navigability of the sea of information’ with that of the real waves and chain of events happening in real life.

If you find this message in a bottle, very few were actually placed in the sea, please send it via mail to: Professor Henry Jenkins, Comparative Media Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Building 14N-207, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307, USA.

Please also let Lanfranco Aceti know willhenryjenkinshearaboutit@gmail.com that you have found the real bottle and mailed the message to Henry Jenkins.

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