Doria Fan‘s Inflatable Breasts Dress;

Now, you can pump up your breasts to whatever size you want, and adjust them on the fly. Because of the location of the valves, you can inflate your breasts before you put on the dress, or have someone else blow them up for you while you wear it.

Inflatable Breasts Dress

“This dress was inspired by a conversation about breasts that I had with Greg, a friendly acquaintance, at a party. After more than a decade of being a bike mechanic, he realized his avocation was not financially viable, and he decided to change careers to something with more earning potential. Because he is good at working with his hands, he decided to become a surgical technician. As part of training, he has been apprenticing at a private hospital in a wealthy community. He told me the majority of the surgeries at that hospital are plastic surgery, particularly breasts. Part of his job is to fill up the breasts (I presume with the saline (?)). The doctor gives him a number (e.g. 420 cc), so now he can easily equate breast size with cc‘s (cubic centimeters, i.e. volume). Which I think is funny. Instead of thinking of breasts as cup size, he can gauge them by cc’s of saline. Every now and then, the doctor announces an outrageously big number, like 500 cc’s. Without a gauge for this, I asked him how big 500 cc’s is? “Half a liter a breast. A large bottle of Pepsi is 2 liters,” he responded. As the doctor puts down the patient for surgery, and asks the patient to count backwards from 10 to 1, Greg always wonders if the woman realizes that’s the last conversation anyone’s going to have with her face.”

“Breasts. At various cycles, the breasts have been fetishized in fashion, from the Empire waistlines of the Napoleonic era, to more extreme examples such as Jean-Paul Gauthier’s costume design for Madonna, or the bikini life jacket. A lot of fashion, and visual imagery (in cartoon characters, in the media — advertisements, movies, etc.) is about accentuating breasts, or showing as much of the breast as possible.”

Bikini Life Jacket

“Nipples. It’s alright to show as much breast as possible, as long as you don’t show the nipple.– whether it’s a wayward nipple slipping out from under or peaking through fabric. Women use double sided sticky tape to make sure a low-cut dress will stay put or cover their nipple, or plasters specifically designed to cover the nipple under flimsy fabric. That’s a lot of effort to obscure something we know is there. How many times do celebrity tabloids and web sites highlight a red carpet nipple appearance? Remember Nipplegate? People were more outraged by Janet Jackson’s exposed nipple (yeah, she did have a nipple ring, which the Superbowl demographic may find transgressive) than by a cheesy pop star’s “act” of tearing off a woman’s clothing as evidence of his transition from boy-band to street cred. And, there was quite a fuss when one of the Batman costumes (from one of the movies) got nipples. We seem to have a discomfort with nipples. The biological function of breasts, our mammary glands, is to nourish our young, and to give them life. Yet, the sight of a nipple, or an infant suckling at a mother’s breast, seems indecent to many people.”

“With this inflatable breasts dress, instead of sucking on the nipple, you need to blow into it, to give it life. Breasts are sometimes to referred to as “flotation devices” or described as “pneumatic”. The dress is made of fashioned and reshaped flotation devices that have to be filled with air. Breast have also been referred to as “headlights”. For the next iterations of the dress I would like to make the breasts into headlights – by backlighting the vinyl breasts, so they have an ambient glow. One wearer said the dress was very comfortable and also gave her a different sense of personal space. With large inflated breasts, she felt like she had a protective zone. ”

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