MINI Chameleon

April 23, 2009


“BMW’s MINI division will debut its first color-morphing car in Singapore in June. Called the MINI Chameleon, the car changes color according to weather conditions. For example, on a rainy day, the car’s paint brightens to improve visibility while on a sunny day, it lightens to reflect heat and cool down the vehicle. The color-morphing technology was made possible due to a special treatment called FeintPaint by Spanish company Payola Forlids. Cars treated with FeintPaint comprises tiny magnetic iron oxide particles which can interact with a low grade magnetic field to change the spacing of the particles, and hence its ability to reflect light and change color. The color changes take effect in seconds, and should be quite a sight to behold! Though it could be frustrating if you’re the owner, and you’ve no idea where you last parked your car in a multi-story car park. ”

I wish FeintPaint technology could be used on other things as well, such as hair-dye 🙂 would’ve been fun.

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One Response to “MINI Chameleon”

  1. ysf1905 said

    It is a really good technology I had read so many things about it and moreover I m studying for ıt 🙂

    I also wrote an article about this car.You can read it on this adress.I have also added an video of a Chameleon.Do not forget to watch it 😉

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