Creative Solutions to Calendar Designs

April 7, 2009

These fancy designs make me wanna thrash away my digital calendar!

Bubble Calendar
Designed the size of a poster, this one offers a bubble to pop everyday.

2009bubble calendar

Click here to buy a bubble calendar in English/Deutsche/Japanese:

Napkins Calendar
Russian designer Stas Aki designed this so that the thrashed pages of the calendar can be useful as well.

napkins calendar

You can visit Stas Aki’s website here:

LEGO Desktop Calendar
A fun design inspired by our childhood passion LEGO’s.

lego desktop calendar

Click here to order a LEGO desktop calendar:

Matches Calendar
Creative calendar made of matches designed by Ukrainian Yurko Gursulyak.

matches calendar


Seeing Eye Calendar
Now you can test your vision day by day.

seeing eye calendar

You can purchase one here:

“Dorogaya” Magnetic Calendar
Easily customized magnetic calendar with, even, 32nd day of month -just in case. Month’s names reduced to 3 letters. Special appeal of this calendar is it’s special chips, like “Deadline”, “Arrival”, “Departure”, five “Drink Day” and one “Don’t Drink Day”. 🙂 Have fun!

magnetic calendar


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