Extraordinary and Creative Ice Cube Trays for Themed Parties

March 29, 2009

Titanic Ice Cube Tray
Includes 4 titanics and 4 icebergs; invite over the titanic crew for the perfect recipe and tell them to drive safely.


AK Bullet Ice Cube Trays
Reveal the naughty James Bond in you and invite your friends over for a dangerous taste.


Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray
Serve the drinks, flavored with ice shaped like grandma’s teeth, make sure your camera is nearby to document your guests gag reflex. 🙂


Alphabetic Ice Cube Tray

Use alphabetic ice cube tray to insert a personalized subtle message in each glass of drink you serve. This could be fun.


Ice Invaders Ice Cube Tray
From the fridge into the drinks and the invasion expands into your guest’s internals.


Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray
Chill your guests to the bone with this ice cube tray.


Ice Kebabs Ice Cube Tray
To bring in a turkish style of chill into your drinks.


Golfball Ice Cube Tray
An old school style fun way to “hit it off” with friends.


Guitar Ice Cube Tray
An original way to rock&roll a party, just drop one of these into your drink and give it a stir.


Jewels Ice Cube Tray
We drink up with diamonds in the glass for an expensive taste!


Fossiliced Ice Cube Tray
What is better than these segments of dino fossils to bring in a Ice Age taste to your party?


Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray
Drink up with this pi symbol shaped ice cube and try how far can you go recalling the number of pi.


Tetris Ice Cube Tray
Already too old to play tetris, well then you’re old enough e to drink up with tetris shaped ice cubes.


Snowflake Ice Cube Tray
Icy taste will make you miss winter.


Cat-dog Ice Cube Tray
Now you can put cats and dogs together for a wild shake.


Fishbone Ice Cube Tray,
A chill that freezes fish to the bone.


Lego Ice Cube Tray
Remember how lego pleased you in your childhood memories whilst you play grown-up drinking games.


Homer Simpson Ice Cube Tray
Sounds fun to share a beer with Homer Simpson.


Yellow Submarine Ice Cube Tray
Ever wished you were the yellow submarine from the Beatles song and dove into a glass of whiskey?


Ice Princess Ice Cube Tray
Are you in for the royal treatment?


Strawberry Ice Cube Tray
Are you willing to dip a strawberry into everything?


Tipsy Toes Ice Cube Tray
Ladies, leave your man at home and gather at a friends house for a girls-night-in theme. And you’ll have high-heel shaped ice cubes of plastic which does not dilute your drink. What a treat!


Penis and Balls Ice Cube Tray
Feel free to slip in a dirty joke or two.


Cool Shooters Ice Cube Tray
Have a shot from this “cool” shot glass made of ice.


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One Response to “Extraordinary and Creative Ice Cube Trays for Themed Parties”

  1. beren said

    sonuncusu elime geçmişti de 30 euro muydu neydi 😦 şaka yapıyorsunuz heralde diyip yerine bırakmıştım 😦 bide şarap bardağı ve shot bardakları kalıpları da vardı 🙂

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