Design: Scrabble Pillows

March 26, 2009

H4-E1-Y4! Not a single day passes without me digging up a cool design; being thrilled and jealous enormously. Ladies and gentlemen, check out these Scrabble pillows by Stephen Reed Industrial Design. Imagine a pillow fight with these little typographic babies!



To see more of Stephen Reed Industrial Designs please visit:

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3 Responses to “Design: Scrabble Pillows”

  1. […] For those who can not live without Scrabble, check out this furniture I saw on this arty blog. […]

  2. Tevfik said

    Good stuff. What happens if I decide to use the same installment in the office of our family company HQ? Can I do that with minor changes, or do I need to be granted some sort of usage rights?
    Here is the link to Stephen Reed Industrial Design for those of you wondering who the genius behind this is:

    • Since this is not a generic design I think you may need to be granted usage rights to some extend. Or, you may not need to if you’re not planning to sell these minorly manipulated designs of yours. I’m not sure. How would you manipulate it anyways? I would keep the cushions and go for a more comfy couch.

      Thanks for the link, I should include it in the post.

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