Some Place I Wanna Pee

March 13, 2009

Surely, this has happened to all of us at least once. You are planning to go off to some place nice with your friends and have fun; may it be a restaurant, a bar, a club or a concert place. It looks stylish and cosy with impressing decorations, swift service and cute waiters/waitresses; you’re either enjoying a great meal or dancing like a beast on the dance floor. Everything is swell… until you have to pay a little visit to the bathroom. This is extremely critical since the bathroom is the only place one desires to feel at home, when outdoors. However, as we all know, things get nasty down there. And I mean reeaally nasty; like behind-the-curtains-of-razzle-dazzle kind of thing. Yes! These cheeky places do not show the slighest bit of interest in one of our basic humanly needs. So, it can be said that the bathroom reveals the true identity of any place.

Recently, a lot more people are concerned about the modern toilet design. They claim that the common dislike of talking about bodily functions has positioned bathroom designs secondarily within the interior design platform. What has been so-long left behind is handled with care nowadays; formed into places to communicate the character of the place to customers and employees “when nature calls”.

For further information and desire to peek at several modern toilet designs, I would recommend;
– Flush! Modern Toilet Design by Ingrid Wenz Gahler

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5 Responses to “Some Place I Wanna Pee”

  1. 112mirabela said

    UH… and I so dislike overdesigned toilets … maybe I see a loo in a restaurant only as a clean, necessary, practically furnished space. Although what I find particularly important is the hospitality and richness in service of airport, train-station and highway toilet rooms.

    • After posting this I’ve realized that there’s a general dislike towards what may seem “over-designed” toilets. I’d say hygiene is what we all expect primarily from a public toilet, the rest -the design preference- differs from person to person.

  2. berrinsun said

    there’s also a few restaurants with toilet interior design. I visited one of them at Taipei, and I’ll post about it very soon for you to see ^^

  3. ipekel said

    Saatchi&Saatchi designed a toilet regarding a taxing company.You control the game by peeing on the sensors in the toilet. If you crash, the telephone number of the taxi company appears on the screen.I though it was hilarious =)

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