I’m Nobody. Who are you? Are you – Nobody, too?

March 10, 2009

Cheshire Cat

Hello, stranger.
I’m Zeynep Kınlı; a sophomore VACD (Visual Arts, Communication and Design) student from Sabanci University in Turkey. I’m not so talkative, which would not exactly be the best feature for a blogger I suppose. However, if you are curious and patient enough and willing to bear the trouble of witnessing my ineptitude; I believe we’ll get along pretty well. Ah, I think I’m getting used to this already. This much introduction must be just right – me groping around like the Cheshire cat appearing and disappearing with his weird smile.

Well then,
Goodnight. Sleep tight.

6 Responses to “I’m Nobody. Who are you? Are you – Nobody, too?”

  1. belkisisik said

    Zeynep, this post reminded me this:

    • I’ve taken the title from an Emily Dickinson poem. I haven’t seen Dead Man yet, but I’ll certainly watch it if you’re relating it to me or recommending. Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.

  2. minalucka said

    zeyneeeep sen ne tatlısın öyle!

  3. berrinsun said

    Hi Zuzu,
    You’ll get used to blogging pretty soon, I guess ^^ Gambatte! (That’s something like do your best in Japanese 😀 )
    By the way, I love Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland and you know I love cats ^^

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